What are the main characteristics of Fish farm biofilter media?

- Apr 02, 2018-

As an important carrier of aerobic organisms, Fish farm biofilter media are often used in aerobic biological fluidized bed processes. Fish farm bio-filler is usually hollow structure, in normal operation, the filler suspended in water. The growth of anaerobic bacteria inside the filler, resulting in denitrification can be denitrification. The external growth of aerobic bacteria can remove organic matter, and there are simultaneous nitrification and denitrification processes throughout the process.


The main features of the Fish farm biofilter media:


First of all, the Fish farm biofilter media are generally made of high-quality ethylene-propylene copolymer materials, so they will not be degraded even if they are soaked in water, and they will not be toxic to microorganisms. They are superior to other materials such as polyvinyl chloride.


Secondly, the structure of Fish farm biofilter media is rather special. Generally, a vertical hollow structure is used. The structure is composed of three hollow circles inside and outside, one rib in each circle and 36 ribs in the outside. After many successful researches and developments. , using a molding.


Third, the Fish farm biofilter media have a high specific surface area. In comparison, the specific surface area of common microbes is 90-180, the specific surface area of hollow fillers can be up to 600, and the double-specific area is up to 860. Because of its high specific surface area, the biomass per unit volume is high, and it is possible to achieve a short hydraulic retention time.


Fourth, this Fish farm biofilter media ensures high microbial activity. The microbial film growing on the surface of the filler collides due to the fluidization of the filler. Aeration flushes microorganisms in a logarithmic growth phase with high activity and high treatment efficiency.


In addition, this Fish farm biofilter media is a floating type, easy replacement and long service life. The Fish farm biofilter media also have a strong ability to denitrify and decompose organic substances, which can achieve the purpose of removing ammonia nitrogen.