What are the operating rules of the stacked screw sludge dehydrator system?

What are the operating rules of the stacked screw sludge dehydrator system?

Jun 24, 2020

Screw sludge dewatering machine is a kind of equipment for realizing solid-liquid separation, which is generally used in sewage treatment industry. Here we introduce the operating rules of the screw stacker system:

1: Patrol before working:

Turn on the electric and gas switches, open the water valve, and inspect related matters, please follow the steps below:

Turn on the power switch and energize the centralized electrical control box. Turn on the air source switch (or turn on the air compressor), supply air to the air control box of the host, and adjust the total air pressure to 4kg. Tighten the mesh belt, adjust the air pressure, and adjust the air pressure to 2 ~ 3kg.

2: Start the host, adjust the belt speed 3--5m/min

3: Start the mesh belt cleaning water pump and keep the water pressure at 0.3~0.5mpa.

4: Check: whether the pneumatic components are leaking. Whether the trachea is bent or not, the working principle of the box-type spiral screw machine causes the air pressure to drop.

Whether the water pressure and water volume are normal. Whether it is sensitive and reliable.

Whether the mesh belt is tensioned and whether the nozzle is blocked.

Whether the mesh belt is out of alignment, and the adjustment mechanism is damaged.

5: The stacked screw machine starts sludge dewatering treatment

Start the medicament pump, adjust the pump flow, and pump the diluted flocculant into the mixer for 5 minutes, then start the sludge pump to adjust the sludge flow.

Observe the flocculation effect of sludge, and then properly adjust the mixing ratio of sludge and flocculant to achieve a better flocculation effect.

Check whether the moisture content of the mud cake is qualified. If necessary, please adjust the tension of the mesh belt (explanation: mutual traction when the object is under tension) and speed.

Check whether the scraper is clean.

Check whether the mesh belt is rinsed clean, if necessary, please adjust the water volume and pressure appropriately.

Whether the mesh belt is off track and whether the automatic adjustment is normal. If necessary, manual adjustment can be used.

6: shutdown

Stop the sludge pump and chemical pump.

Keep the washing water and continue to rinse the mesh belt. After the mesh belt is completely rinsed, stop the host and the washing water pump.

Loosen the tensioned mesh belt.

Turn off the electric and gas switches, and close the control valves for clean water and medicine.