What are the types of sludge in the sludge dewatering machine

What are the types of sludge in the sludge dewatering machine

Jul 04, 2018

Sludge dewatering is the removal of water from the original, concentrated or digested sludge in the fluid state, which is converted into semi-solid and solid mud. It is a common treatment method for sludge. When the sludge is dehydrated, its water content can be reduced to 55%-80%. Specifically, it depends on the nature of the sludge and the efficiency of the dewatering equipment. In addition, the sludge is further dehydrated, and its water content can be reduced to less than 10%, which is called sludge drying.


Sludge dewatering, it will certainly use some dewatering equipment and dehydration methods, and the relationship between the two is the corresponding relationship, that is, which dewatering method is used, there is a corresponding sludge dewatering equipment to carry out sludge Dehydration work and dehydration effect.



The sludge dewatering equipment is targeted at sludge, and the specific types of sludge are


(1) The remaining activated sludge discharged from the secondary settling tank of the domestic sewage treatment plant belongs to the organic sludge with hydrophilicity and fine particle size;


(2) The physicochemical sludge discharged from the sedimentation tank or the concentration tank in the waterworks is a medium-fine-grained organic and inorganic mixed sludge, which has poor compressibility and dehydration;


(3) Physicochemical and biochemical mixed sludge produced in industrial wastewater treatment, or sludge produced in physicochemical fine-grained sludge and physicalized sedimentation tank discharged from a concentration tank in industrial wastewater treatment.