Working process and shape structure of aeration tube diffuser

- Jul 04, 2019-

The structure of the aeration tube diffuser using the activated sludge method for sewage treatment in the process of working, when used, provides a certain sewage residence time in the pool to meet the oxygen demand of the aerobic microorganisms and the full contact of the sewage with the activated sludge. Mixing conditions. The aeration tank mainly consists of four parts: the tank body, the aeration pipeline, the diffuser and the inlet and outlet. The existing diffuser is mainly made of a mesh pipe. The mesh pipe is usually arranged on the bottom layer. When the air pressure is blown up, the sewage in the middle and upper layers may have insufficient aeration force, thereby affecting the sewage treatment effect, and the mesh pipes are The aeration holes are easily blocked by microorganisms. Therefore, it is necessary to further improve the existing diffuser structure.

The aeration tube diffuser is effective in use, including its main pipe, and the main pipe is provided with a plurality of pairs of branch pipe assemblies in the axial direction. The branch pipe assembly is composed of two branch pipes symmetrically disposed on both sides of the main pipe, and the other end of the branch pipe is connected with the diffuser body. The shape and structure of each diffuser body are the same, the volume of the diffuser body gradually becomes smaller with the axial height of the main pipe, and the diffuser body is composed of a seat body, a lifting air plug, a baffle plate and a foldable film. The lower end of the center hole is provided with a threaded joint, and the top end of the center hole of the seat body is provided with an inner annular notch, the lifting air plug is composed of a large cylindrical section and a small cylindrical section, and a circular inclined mouth is arranged between the large cylindrical section and the small cylindrical section, and the small cylinder The segment is provided with a plurality of vent holes along the ring shape, the small cylindrical segment is embedded in the central hole, and the large cylindrical segment is embedded in the inner annular notch, and the top end surface of the large cylindrical segment is fixedly connected with the