Working state and overall structure of multi-disc screw press dehydrator

- Jan 03, 2019-

The multi-disc screw press dehydrator has its own internal propeller, which can realize the crushing and pressing machine, saving space and saving equipment investment. The spiral adopts a special structure to force the feeding plate and the spiral blade device to realize smooth conveying of the material and uniform dryness of the pressing.

The multi-disk screw press dehydrator adjusts the dry and wet caudal vertebrae before and after the driving force can be a hand wheel, hydraulic control, stable working condition, and simple press dehydration operation. Achieving step by step pressing, dehydration is more thorough. The inside of the press screw is equipped with a stirrer and is stirred while being pressed, which is more suitable for materials that need to be stirred.

The screen of the multi-disc screw press dehydrator has two and a half screens, and also has a monolithic structure, which is convenient for disassembly and cleaning, and also has a design for reinforcing the sieve barrel. The separation of "free water" in the material is realized, and the pressing speed, the juice yield and the dehydration rate are increased. Two presses can be connected in series. The front is used as a rough press and then a second press.