Aeration Pipe Main Structure And Work Components

- Mar 17, 2018-

In comparison, the structural design of the aeration tube itself is relatively simple, and it can maintain stable working performance during use. It also has the advantages of not easy to block the pores, do not infuse the sewage, uniform the circumferential force, long life, easy installation and maintenance, and system price. Low cost and other advantages. At present, the aeration pipe is mainly used in the oxygenation process of a municipal wastewater treatment system and an organic industrial wastewater treatment system.


Combined with the actual application situation, the aeration tube has applications in both A/O and A2/O processes, CASS processes, and modified oxidation ditch processes. Its main work management is to use air blower to send air through gas pipeline to the aeration device installed in the bottom of the tank, diffuse and escape in the form of bubbles, and dissolve oxygen into water at the air-liquid interface.


According to different application processes, it can be divided into different types, namely diaphragm type microporous aerator and rotary mixing aerator. Diaphragm type microporous aerators can also be subdivided into tubular microporous aerators and disk microporous aerators. In addition, there is a type of aeration tube that is mainly used for biological aerated filters.


Aeration pipe structure:


The aeration tube is mainly composed of an air riser, an air distribution pipe, an air branch pipe, a diaphragm rubber aerator, a pipe support, and a condensate discharge system.


Aeration tube working components:


In the aeration tube, the main components included in the aeration tube are: valves, ventilation tubes, and diaphragm-tube microporous aerators. Diaphragm type microporous aerators are made of rubber material and have small self-closing pores on the membrane. During work, the pores of the aeration tube will open automatically under the air pressure, and the air will enter the pool for oxygenation; if the pressure disappears, the pores of the aeration tube will automatically close, preventing the water from flowing back into the pores.