Common Problems Of Decanter Centrifuge

Common Problems Of Decanter Centrifuge

May 27, 2020

Horizontal spiral discharge sedimentation centrifuge is called horizontal decanter centrifuge for short, the important components are composed of drum, spiral, differential speed system, drive system and control system; horizontal spiral centrifuge is widely used in the sludge dewatering of domestic sewage disposal punishment plant Application, although the model specifications of each manufacturer in the table are poor. In addition, set equipment deployment layout, set equipment deployment materials and operating parameters, etc., but the principle of setting equipment deployment is similar, all based on the proportion of solid-liquid two-phase Poor, under the action of centrifugal force, accelerate the solid sedimentation rate to hold the dispersion.

However, there will be some problems in the actual application process of the decanter centrifuge in the sewage treatment equipment factory. Now a few are briefly described to allow users to recognize and mediate during the utilization process:

1: Blocking material; it is a sign that the decanter centrifuge is not properly drained during normal operation, and it is probably a sign of death. The poorly drained reflects the higher current, the equipment deployment is tedious, and the solid phase is squeezed unevenly. The death of the block reflects the setting of equipment deployment alarm (setting equipment deployment must have an alarm system). The control system trips and shuts down.

The important issues that cause signs of blocking are:

(1). Unfair setting of equipment deployment layout. If the angle of the cone is too large, the pitch of the screw is too large, etc., the reasons for setting up equipment deployment, if the layout is not fair, the user can not handle it by himself;

(2) .Different operating conditions of operating parameters; such as differential speed control, drum speed, etc., the main method is to stop feeding, wait for a few minutes after the equipment is deployed, and adjust the drum speed after a few minutes (the same is usually the drum Slower speed), increase the differential speed, and then enter a small amount of materials for dispersion, and then increase the amount of feed after the equipment is deployed and stabilized.

2: The dehydration result is poor; the dehydration result means that the water content of the solid phase dispersed is too high, it can not be formed, and can not be transported.

(1) First check whether the flocculation result of the flocculant is normal and whether the water permeability is good. If the flocculation result is not good, the dehydration result will be difficult to meet the working condition requirements, and the dosage is also large, resulting in high operating costs. Finding a suitable flocculant has great support for dehydration results and operating costs;

(2). Adjust the dehydration results by adjusting the operating parameters, increase the rotation speed of the drum or adjust the difference speed to improve the dehydration compliance, and exchange the liquid flow control board, the dehydration results can be reached at all.

3: Small disposal penalties and high operating cost; due to differences in production deployment layouts of different manufacturers, the size of disposal penalties for a unified model will vary greatly, and disposal penalties caused by unfair layout of equipment deployment The size of the amount and the increase in the operating cost of the amount of drug directly related to the growth. When purchasing a decanter centrifuge, it is very important to choose a strong production ability, good after-sales service, and a cost-effective producer. It is very important to choose a good partner. It is the most important factor for users to be the most economical and have the lowest operating cost.