Development Of Fine Bubble Diffuser In Sewage Management Industry

Development Of Fine Bubble Diffuser In Sewage Management Industry

Mar 27, 2020

The Fine Bubble Diffuser is used to inject oxygen into the sewage, so that the pollution degree of the sewage or industrial wastewater is alleviated to a certain extent, and reaches the discharge specification, thereby reducing the role of repeated pollution of water resources and environmental protection. In addition, the aerator has the advantages of simple and easy operation, and the equipment itself will not cause any pollution to the environment. In addition, according to different environmental and sewage treatment objects, different types of aerators have appeared on the market, satisfying the needs of different industries and different objects regarding sewage treatment, and are used in environmental management and various industries that require sewage management. .


It can be said that the Fine Bubble Diffuser is an important component of today's environmental protection work. In the future, it will continue to improve technology and update equipment in order to better adapt to different needs for the development of environmental protection work. Continual dedication. Microporous tube aerators have good chemical stability, do not contain plasticizers, can maintain elasticity for a long time, acid and alkali resistance, non-hardening, non-embrittlement, and no aging. The small bubble diameter of the product can not only maintain a high oxygen conversion rate, but also achieve the function of mixing and stirring. The self-closed pore structure is used, and the micropores are not blocked. Easy installation and disassembly. Reduce energy consumption. Environmentally friendly microporous tube aerator is mainly used for oxygenation of urban sewage and organic industrial wastewater treatment systems. The microporous tube aerator has a simple structure and high oxygen utilization rate.


Fine Bubble Diffusers are high in function, reliable in function, non-obstructed in stomata, non-inverted sewage, uniform stress in the circumferential direction, long life, convenient device maintenance, and low system price. The rubber diaphragm is made of EPDM rubber, which has the characteristics of heat resistance, ozone resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and good chemical stability. Compared with general rubber films, the actual drawing of the device can greatly improve its service life. The aeration hole is a long slot, which makes it have good expandability and instantaneous closure. It can release micro bubbles with a diameter of less than 3mm during aeration to achieve a higher oxygen utilization rate. Its oxygen utilization rate is 35. ~ 42%. The support tube is made of ABS or PVC. The air duct is made of engineering plastic ABS material, and the hollow and water-filling methods are used, which greatly reduces the buoyancy of the aeration system in water.