Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser Structure Design And Maintenance

- Mar 10, 2018-

The disc diffuser is an aeration device that was developed in the early days. Its structural design is a planar form, in which the chassis is made of ABS engineering plastics, pallets, and gas panels made of EPDM rubber. The entire aeration device includes aerators, regulators, connecting pieces and gas piping, three-way, four-way, elbow and other components.


Due to its small aeration bubble diameter, large gas-liquid boundary area, uniform bubble diffusion, no hole plugging, and strong corrosion resistance, the disc diffuser has a fixed screw aerator and a dispersion exposure compared to conventional products. The energy consumption of gasifiers and perforated pipe aerators is greatly reduced, and at the same time it also increases the amount of sewage treatment, which is particularly suitable for the construction and expansion of urban sewage and large, medium and small-sized factories, and the transformation of old aeration tanks.


When the disc bubble diffuser is in the air intake, the micro-holes in the aeration membrane will open automatically to ensure the air passes through. When the air supply is stopped, the micro-holes in the high-elastic diaphragm are closed to avoid clogging of the micro-holes. Because the check valve device is provided at the inlet of the aerator, when the pipeline system stops supplying air, the mixed liquid is prevented from entering the air distribution branch pipe, so that the mixed liquid can be prevented from being contaminated or blocked in the branch pipe.


In order to ensure the aeration effect and the service life of the disc diffuser, its diaphragm should be checked by the operator after continuous operation, especially if it is used continuously. Simultaneously, the aeration plate should be cleaned of sediments according to the operating instructions. The increase of these sediments depends on the special working conditions of the waste water and wastewater treatment plant.


When the aeration tank is closed and empty, or after the liftable aeration unit is lifted, it should be ensured that the sludge deposit on the disc aerator diaphragm does not dry and solidify, so as to avoid weakening its aeration function, maintain aeration effect.