Precautions For Daily Operation Of Screw Press Sludge Dewatering Machine

Precautions For Daily Operation Of Screw Press Sludge Dewatering Machine

May 06, 2020

Screw sludge dewatering machine needs to be observed in daily operation as follows: Regularly check the effect of drying and dewatering. If the separation of liquid (or) filtrate turbidity and solids speed are reduced, the reasons should be analyzed in time and measures should be taken to solve. If the effects of sludge dewatering are frequently observed and the solids content of the mud cake decreases, analytical solutions should be used to resolve the situation. Observe the operation status of the stacked screw sludge dewatering equipment frequently, and corrective measures should be taken for abnormal phenomena to ensure normal operation. The stacked snail sludge dewatering machine should be placed with sufficient flushing time every time, when the dryer, the inside of the machine and cleaning, other cleaning, reduce odor. Otherwise, it is very difficult to dry the mud after washing. According to the requirements of the stacked screw sludge dehydrator, medical observation and machine maintenance are often carried out. It is found that the mud and sand of the dryer are damaged, and serious damage should be replaced in time. Always pay attention to check that the stacked screw sludge dewatering machine is easy to wear and replace if necessary.

Make a good record of analysis and measurement. The stacked screw sludge dewatering machine can better play the role of the stacked screw sludge dewatering machine when the running time exceeds the daily observation, to prevent its failure. With the development of the times, the stacked screw sludge dewatering machine is more and more widely used. The following will introduce the digestion technology of the stacked screw sludge dewatering machine. I hope you can help you understand. The stacked screw sludge dehydrator belongs to the screw press dehydrator, which can reduce the sedimentation tank and the sludge concentration pool and save the construction cost of the sewage treatment plant. Widely used in municipal sewage treatment projects and petrochemical, light industry, chemical fiber, papermaking, leather industry water treatment systems, stacked screw sludge dehydration machine automatic update filter cake filter, instead of traditional filter filter, it updates filter cake Filtration technology to ensure the continuous and stable separation effect of the mud dehydrator, through the change of the screw diameter and the pitch, a strong squeeze is generated, and the tiny cracks between the swimming ring and the fixed ring, to squeeze the dewatered sludge, is a new type Solid-liquid separation equipment.

The machine must be disassembled under the following conditions: clean the machine before the shutdown, the outside and surrounding environment of the machine, prepare suitable lifting tools and tools and means to remove all small parts; prepare some soft objects, such as bedding sleepers or carpet Waiting for the materials; after much preparation for a good job, delete them step by step in the following order. Drum: loosen and remove the bolts vigilance and open the solid-liquid collection chamber cover, put the past (auxiliary support), the transformation of the motor and differential shield; release the feed water pump delivery pipe connection flange bolts to separate; loosen the feed pipe cover plate bolts 1. Keep the water supply pipe. Note: At this time, write down the relative position between the pipe heads, you can make a mark or size measurement and record.

Before the preparation of the stacked screw machine, according to the technical requirements for the dewatering of the sludge by the diluted mixed flocculant, please note: provide technical selection of flocculant varieties and appropriate specifications in strict accordance with the requirements of technical personnel. The factory is required to use flocculant: polyacrylamide (cation or anion, molecular weight 10 ~ 15 million). Attention should be paid to the dilution ratio of flocculant to water. The factory must dilute the ratio of 0.5 ~ 1 ‰. Note that the flocculant should be slowly added to the water while stirring, and during the addition process, if colloidal lumps form, you need to slow down. According to the type of flocculant, the stirring speed is controlled at 150 rpm. The mixing time is 1 to 3 hours. Please use within 30 hours. After the concentration meets the requirements, check the water content of the sludge to see if it has good fluidity.

Folding screw machine system operation procedures, before working check the screwing machine: turn on the electrical and pneumatic switches, open the clean valve, check the related matters, please follow the steps below: turn on the power switch, and energize the control box. Turn on the air source switch (or turn on the air compressor), send the air to the host air control box, and adjust the total air pressure to 4 kg. Tighten the mesh belt, adjust the tension and pressure, and adjust the air pressure to 2 ~ 3kg. Start the host machine, adjust the belt speed 4m / min, start the network with the cleaning pump, and maintain the water pressure of 0.3 ~ 0.5 mpa. Check: Pneumatic components are leaking. Will the trachea bend and cause the air pressure to drop? Is the water pressure and water normal? Is it sensitive and reliable? The mesh belt is tight and the nozzle is blocked. If the belt is misaligned, the deflection mechanism is damaged.

The snail machine starts sludge dehydration treatment, starts the chemical pump, adjusts the pump flow, and extracts the diluted flocculant into the mixer. After 5 minutes, the sludge pump is started and the sludge flow is adjusted. The sludge flocculation effect was observed, and the mixing ratio of sludge and flocculant was adjusted to achieve the flocculation effect. Check whether the water content of the mud cake is qualified. If necessary, adjust the tension and speed of the mesh belt appropriately. Check whether the scraper is clean. Check whether the belt is clean, and adjust the water volume and pressure appropriately if necessary. Regardless of whether the belt deviates, automatic adjustment is normal, and manual adjustment can be used if necessary. Stop, stop the sludge pump, chemical pump. Keep the washing water and rinse the mesh belt until the mesh belt is completely washed. Stop the host and clean the water pump. Loosen the tension mesh belt.

Turn off the electric and pneumatic switches, and close the clean water and chemical control valves. The simple operation process of the stacked screw machine is as follows: start up: turn on the electrical and gas control switches, turn on the water, chemical, sludge control valves, keep the belt tight, start the engine, start the cleaning pump, check whether the qualified work requirements, start the reagent pump, start Mud pump, adjust belt speed. Adjust the pressure of the flushing water, adjust the amount of reagent, mix the slurry ratio, and check the discharged mud cake. Stop: Stop the mud pump, stop the chemical pump, flush the mesh belt, stop the flushing water pump, stop the host, loosen the mesh belt, turn off the electric and pneumatic switches, turn off the water, chemical agents, sludge control valve. Maintenance of stacked screw machine: all bearings, half a month, calcium-based grease once. Pneumatic control part 30 # injection machine oil cup. The inorganic transmission is replaced every 2000 hours. Maintenance: After every work, clean the sludge on the fuselage, do not flush the water into the motor control box. Note the air filter water in the three connected air. Check for loose fasteners. Check if the belt is broken. Check whether the pneumatic components are sensitive and reliable.