Reasonable Application Of Fine Bubble Diffuser And Blower Device

Reasonable Application Of Fine Bubble Diffuser And Blower Device

Mar 09, 2020

With the development of society, more and more attention has been paid to sewage treatment and environmental protection. The use of aeration equipment with reliable technical performance is an important condition for ensuring long-term stable operation of sewage treatment equipment. Due to the high power efficiency of the aerator and the good performance of three-dimensional air distribution, it is currently widely used. The following is a reasonable application introduction of aerators and blowers:


The key equipment of the biological aeration tank is an aerator, so it can be said that the technical development status of the aerator represents the technical level of blast aeration. Due to the theoretical calculation of the process related to the aeration tank, the basic point is the oxygen utilization rate of the aeration, which led to the technical evaluation of the aerator focusing on the oxygen utilization rate, and also caused the pore diffusion—the exhaust pores are getting more The finer the phenomenon.


Since the fine bubble diffuser device uses the floating force on the bubbles to diffuse and break the bubbles, it can not only achieve a high oxygen utilization rate, but also meet reasonable technical requirements, and its technical performance is very reliable. This can also fully explain that only aeration technology out of pore diffusion can achieve advanced and reasonable aeration technology.



So why is the aeration tube so loved? First, the membrane aeration tube has a large amount of aeration.

In the case of a water depth of 6M, the aeration area of an aeration pipe with a useful length of 2M is appropriate to that of 10 aeration heads with a diameter of 20CM, and the aeration is uniform. Secondly, the aeration tube is drawn in a circular shape, without silt formation, and the membrane pore opening and closing performance is good, without blocking. During the period of intermittent aeration, sewage will not flow back into the pipe. Re-aeration tube rubber film is made of unique formula, good elasticity, long service life, and will not break. Generally speaking, the service life of EPDM rubber film is more than 5 years, and the service life of silicone rubber film is more than 10 years.


And the aeration tube layout is simple, the device is convenient, and it is unique and easy to clean and replace. In general, the time required to install an aeration tube requires only about one minute. In summary, we have reason to believe that the aeration pipe will become better and more popular in the future, and its cost performance is relatively high, and the prospect is bright.