Sludge Dewatering Machine Process Selection

Sludge Dewatering Machine Process Selection

Mar 23, 2018

The concentrated sludge is still high in water content and bulky, and it is easy to spoil and stink, which is not conducive to transportation and disposal.Therefore, dehydration treatment is required, which can reduce the moisture content of sludge, reduce the volume of sludge, and reduce transportation costs.After the concentration, the content of available substances in the sludge increases (such as the amount of fertilizer used in agriculture, the calorific value of incineration, etc.), and it facilitates the subsequent disposal and utilization of the sludge.


The commonly used sludge dehydration methods include natural drying and mechanical dehydration. Natural drying is a common way of dewatering sludge using natural forces such as solar energy. Conventionally, sludge drying beds are commonly used. This method is applicable to areas where the climate is relatively dry, the area is not tight and environmental sanitation conditions are allowed, and is rarely used in urban sewage treatment plants. Mechanical dehydration is a commonly used method in countries all over the world.


Commonly used dewatering machines include plate and frame filter presses, belt filter presses, centrifugal dewatering machines and stacked screw sludge dewatering machines. In recent years, stacked screw sludge dewatering machines have been rapidly developed, and are widely used in various countries as the main types of sludge dewatering.


Sludge dewatering machine has the following advantages:

(1) Self-cleaning, non-blocking, direct dewatering of low-concentration sludge, no significant odor; slow speed, power saving, no noise and vibration; automatic control, no one runs for 24 hours.

(2) The failure rate is extremely low and the operation time is short and easy.

(3) Small footprint and easy installation.

(4) The electricity consumption is small, the flushing water is small, the dosage is basically the same, and the relative operating cost is low.


Application of sludge dewatering machine

(1) SS3304 drape sludge treatment machine for wastewater dewatering.

(2)Fully screw press stacked machine for sludge dewatering.

(3)sludge dewatering machine for anionic polymer industry wastewater treatment.

(4)Auto s

(5) Spiral Sludge Dewatering Machine, Stainless Steel Stacked Sludge Dewatering Press.

(6)Screw stacked self cleaning sludge concentration dewatering machine.

(7)Spiral laminated food processing slimline sludge concentration dewatering machine.

(8) screw press for cassava dewatering machine.

(9)Stack screw type mud removing machine equipment.

(10) Multi-plate screw press for butchery sewage sludge dehydration.