Sludge Treatment Method Test Research Materials And Instruments

Sludge Treatment Method Test Research Materials And Instruments

Aug 25, 2018

This study mainly explored the effects of ultrasonic treatment alone, modified natural polymer flocculant CGG, ultrasonic and CGG, and ultrasonic and composite flocculant (CGG+PAM) on sludge dewatering.


The purpose is to explore the feasibility and optimal parameters of ultrasonic and polymer flocculant to promote sludge dewatering, and to provide reference for the application of ultrasonic and natural modified polymer flocculants in sludge treatment.



1.1 Test materials and instruments

Material: The sludge is concentrated sludge of Jiangmen Water Purification Plant. Its physical and chemical properties: pH is 6.86, sludge mass concentration is (49.5±0.3) g/L, water content is about 95%, and capillary water absorption time is 470 s. The sludge has a centrifuged water content of 88.3%.

After the sludge was taken back, it was filtered through a 0.28 mm aperture sieve and stored at 4 °C until use. Cationic guar gum (C-14-S), industrial products, Hebei Tianshi Chemical Co., Ltd.; polyacrylamide, relative molecular mass ≥ 5 million, AR, Tianjin Damao Chemical Reagent Factory.



AnKe DL-5-B centrifuge,

DAG-9053A electric heating constant temperature blast drying oven,

ZR4-6 coagulation test mixer,

CY-5D ultrasonic bio-promoting growth instrument,