Steps For Acceptance Inspection Of Sludge Dewatering Machine

Steps For Acceptance Inspection Of Sludge Dewatering Machine

Jul 02, 2020

After we purchase the Sludge Dewatering Machine, we need to transport the goods. At this time, we need to perform an acceptance work on it. This is to ensure that the screw stacker is not damaged. Let me introduce the steps of the screw stacker transportation acceptance inspection.

Acceptance inspection steps of Sludge Dewatering Machine:

1. Engineering acceptance, transportation and storage of goods:

A. The engineering acceptance of goods will cause hazards during freight transportation, and immediate and careful inspection should be carried out. Be careful of disassembly and transportation, and check the contents according to the package document catalog.

B. Goods transportation and storage. When transporting and storing machinery and equipment, use the side-horizontal type-the engine touches the ground, and thick wood boards are added to the area that touches the bottom plate of the carrier to avoid partial scratches to prevent the machine Destruction of equipment. Prevent strong vibration and shock during transportation. When the snail stacker is stored and stored, ensure that the natural environment is dry and prevent rain.

2. When loading and unloading goods to avoid scratching the surface of machinery and equipment, the hoisting rope must be hand-woven with chemical fiber, and the bolts on the stacking machine should be selected for the hoisting part, and the bolts should be wrapped with a soft rope for hoisting. It must be handled with care. The machinery and equipment are made of high precision to prevent bumps and bumps. The deformation of the machinery and equipment will seriously harm the operation.

3. Engineering acceptance of civil engineering: Before installing the equipment, the equipment installation company must carry out the re-inspection of the installation specifications of the civil engineering according to the "Equipment Installation Drawings" and "Civil Engineering Drawings", either pre-buried or opened on site, the foot hole is 150mmX150mm The 350mm depth specification should be the same as that specified in the "Equipment Installation Drawing". The most important thing is to check the basic flatness deviation of the equipment, and it should not exceed 11mm, otherwise it will endanger the installation and operation of the equipment.

①Check whether the purchased equipment is the same as the content printed on the factory nameplate of the current product.


②The equipment will be damaged during the whole transportation.


Therefore, when authorizing a shipping company to transport equipment, check whether there is a damaged area. In case of damage, please take a photo of the damaged location before accepting it and contact the company or service point immediately.


③The screws will loosen during the whole transportation. Please tighten again when the screws are loose.


④Check whether the parts listed on the shipping order are complete.


⑤Check if a T-shaped hexagon wrench is installed on the side of the equipment.

The above is the introduction to the relevant content of the transport acceptance inspection steps of the screw stacker!