The Disc Separator Is Widely Used In The Food Industry

The Disc Separator Is Widely Used In The Food Industry

May 21, 2020

The food processing industry often uses disc separator with centrifuges. These centrifuges use a heterogeneous system to separate all or part of the two phases of suspension, emulsion and aerosol during the food processing process. Separation, discuss with you today the application of centrifuge separator equipment in the food industry:

(1) As the main stage of production: such as making starch from starch liquid, making cream or skim milk from milk, and separating crystals from mother liquor to make pure crystal food.

(2) Improve the purity of products: such as milk purification to remove particulate solids, etc.

(3) Recover valuable materials: such as milk powder separated from solid aerosol containing particles.

(4) For safe production: such as smoke, smoke and other harmful substances generated in the separation production.

disc separators are widely used in the food industry, such as sugar and molasses separation in the enamel industry; cream separation; crystal salt dehalogenation in the salt industry; starch and protein separation in the starch industry; edible oil refining in the oil industry; beer, juice, Beverage clarification; separation of monosodium glutamate, orange oil, and yeast; starch dehydration; pre-dehydration of blanched vegetables in the manufacture of dehydrated vegetables; recovery of vegetable protein; and food refining, etc., all use centrifuges. The high-speed centrifuge can also separate the buds in the milk.