Wastewater Treatment Diffuser Complete Installation Procedure

- Mar 27, 2018-

Before installing the wastewater treatment diffuser, the preparation must be sufficient, mainly to review the installation and construction drawings, and verify whether the size of the site pool is consistent with the construction drawing;Then put the line according to the situation and the drawings, press the expansion bolts, install the adjustable tube bracket.


Followed by the drawing size to start cutting,Wastewater treatment diffuser middle intake manifold positioning,Adhere the matching four-way or three-way three-way bond, be sure to be horizontal and vertical. And according to the location of the wastewater treatment diffuser on the drawing,Put the line on the branch pipe, open hole, opening size is generally 6 ~ 8mm, according to the specific aerator model.


Then place the branch tube on the adjustable tube support, glued together with the central intake manifold(Note: Holes on the branch must be vertically upward)At the same time, the two sides of the three-way pipe interface, elbow interface and branch pipe joints together;In addition adjust the level of the overall pipe with adjustable tube brackets.


In addition, an adjustable pipe bracket nylon cable tie shall be attached to the wastewater treatment diffuser.The specific method of operation is to buckle the non-porous side of the nylon tie in the slot of the bracket.Then find a steel bar about 12mm into the square hole of the nylon cable tie, gently press on the button.


And then the position of the hole in the branch pipe bonding wastewater treatment diffuser nozzle, the nozzle must be vertical upward;Wait until the nozzle of the aerator is firmly bonded, then install the wastewater treatment diffuser.

Wait until the waste water treatment diffuser and pipeline installation is completed, in order to prevent the pipe connection part from leaking, the pool should be put into the clean water to about 100mm in the upper part of the aerator, and then ventilated for testing, after fully qualified can be put into use.