What Are The Advantages Of The Spiral Sludge Dewatering Machine To Solve The Sludge Problem Of Pig Farms?

What Are The Advantages Of The Spiral Sludge Dewatering Machine To Solve The Sludge Problem Of Pig Farms?

Jul 10, 2020

Spiral sludge dewatering machine is a new type of sludge filter press, which is very common in the manufacturing industry. Among them, it is more efficient for manure treatment in the breeding industry. Therefore, the snail stacking machine is also called a special sludge filter press for feeding, in which various excreta such as sheep manure, manure, pig manure, duck manure, etc. can be reasonably solved.

Let's take a look at the advantages of the spiral sludge dewatering machine in the pig farm.

The aquaculture industry is a pillar industry of the social economy, but a lot of excrement and sewage will be generated during the processing of the aquaculture plant. Negligence can also cause adverse effects on the surrounding water quality, which is very much aquaculture sewage. A lot of farming sewage sludge caused by cleaning pigsty and excrement. Farming sewage sludge has high COD, high concentration of organic compounds, high permanganate index, deep saturation, and contains many viruses and bacteria. Characteristic, therefore, if the pollutant is discharged at will, it is extremely harmful to the environment.

Pig farms are common wastewater treatment companies. These companies generally solve large, medium and small-scale customers, and they can use small and medium snail stacking machines to solve breeding sludge.

The advantages of the spiral sludge dewatering machine depend on the actual effect and the speed of the solution. Generally speaking, it is cost-effective. The customer requirements for the application are very simple. Only water and electricity must be connected, and then the pipes and pipes must be connected. The key-type start-stop device is very convenient.

The advantages of using screw stacking machine to solve aquaculture silt:

The overall floor space of the machinery and equipment is small in indoor space, convenient to move and transport, and the actual operation is convenient and simple. The basic principles and actual operation are easy to understand, which is a good standard for customers.

The spiral sludge dewatering machine saves energy and water. The overall output power of the machinery and equipment is not large, which is ten times lower than the output power of the centrifugal dehydrator. The installation of the automatic spray system promotes the cleaning of the machinery and equipment without wasting water, and the application After the finished water and the extruded sludge, the leachate water that gets rid of it can be drained back to the front end of the processing process for development and recycling, which saves a lot of water and electricity costs for customers.

The sludge dewatering machine has a long service life, and the maintenance and repair frequency of machinery and equipment is extremely low, and there is basically no need to repair machinery and equipment.