Multi-disc Screw Press Dehydrator

Multi-disc Screw Press Dehydrator

Multi-Disk Screw Press adopted the unified structure that serves two functions, thickening and dewatering in the single machinery.



The dewatering press performance is enhanced by removing clogging. Its unique volute technology, allows dewatering sludge while automatically self cleaning the filter mesh. This enables stable and constant dewatering without depending on flush water for clogging prevention.


Features and advantages

1. One-in-all design, fits in small facility

Multi-Disk Screw Press adopted the unified structure that serves two functions, thickening and dewatering in the single machinery. The secret lies in the self-cleaning mechanism. The drum filter, because of the clog-free, realizes higher speed of filtering phenomena per filtering area as compared to other methods, and the sludge is instantly thickened by gravity. For this reason, low concentration sludge of about Total Solids 0.2%, as well as thickened sludge, can be directly fed without pre-thickening.

2. Wide range of line-up/Small footprint  

The model of sludge dewatering machine based on the customer needs can be selected from a wide range of line-up, from a super-small 0.5 kg-DS/h throughput to a large 780 kg-DS/h throughput. Likewise, sludge thickeners can be selected from 1 m3 to 90 m3/h capacity.


3. Easy operation/Easy maintenance

Full automatic 24-hour operation without an operator on-site is possible with automatic operation control using various sensors. With this function, manual operation, such as starting or stopping, is not required. Moreover, daily maintenance is minimized, requires no skilled labor neither special knowledge, so that everybody can use it easily.

4. Power and water saving

Multi-Disk sludge dewatering machine prevents filter mesh from clogging with its unique self-cleaning mechanism, removing the need for huge amounts of water for clogging prevention. When compared with dewatering equipment of the same throughput, the amount of cleaning water required for Multi-Disk Screw Press is about 1/115th of belt press and about 1/12th of conventional screw press.


Multi-disc Screw Press Dehydrator is widely used in municipal sewage treatment works and water treatment systems in food, starch, grease, pharmaceutical, chemical, paper, leather and other industries.Concentrated part the sludge enters into the cylindrical cavity of the Multi Disc Screw-Press Dehydrators by positive pressure (pump or high flow), and it is fully and effectively mixed with the polymer flocculant solution under the action of the agitation paddle to form a hard flocculent, and move slowly to the upper part of the thickener, and enter the Multi Disc Screw-Press Dehydrators through the outlet. Enter the mouth of the liquid. The clearing liquid of the sludge is flocculated through the center of the filter core consisting of a moving ring and a fixed ring (moving ring and fixed ring relative motion to form a gap), and the cavity of the Multi Disc Screw-Press Dehydrators is discharged through the drainage device to realize the concentration of the sludge.


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